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The exclusive Travel Resource Library is a vault of videoscheckliststemplates, and more to help you travel like a boss on a budget.

This is the ultimate toolkit of everything that I know about traveling the world WITHOUT breaking the bank.

Everything in here I have used to travel the world without going broke!

  • Tons of Templates, Checklists, and Blueprints to Download to View Immediately

  • Links to Masterclasses and Trainings On Traveling The World Without Breaking the Bank

  • City & Country Guides to Help You Navigate Easier, Safer, and Cheaper



Want a super detailed, informative guide to everything you want to know in Cuba?!

Download the Ultimate Guide to Cuba!

It goes through every topic covering planning your trip to Cuba to make the planning
easyseamless, and fun!

Learn How To:

  • Get your Visa

  • Get transportation (so you’re not getting ripped out!)

  • How to Booking accommodations (and the best neighborhoods to stay in)

  • Best places to eat + drink

  • How not to get ‘played’

  • Much more!

** Due to it’s digital nature, there are no refunds on digital products.


TRAVEL GUIDE: Bali, Indonesia

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • What to Know Before Going

  • Getting Around

  • What to Do In the Various Cities

  • Booking Accommodations

  • Things to Do

  • And How to pack!


[TRAVEL GUIDE] The Black Travelers Guide to Johannesburg South Africa

South Africa is one of my favorite countries in the entire world. I loved it so much that I decided to up and move to Johannesburg for nearly a year (SOLO!)! Jozi (or Jo’Burg) is one of those cities, while it gets a bad reputation, MUST be experienced to anyone visiting South Africa!

In this 15 page- guide, I give you EVERY single thing you need to know about having a fantastic experience in Johannesburg, South Africa.

You Will Learn:

* The Best Neighborhoods to Stay

* Best Places to Eat

* Some Of the Best Coffee Shops

* Where To Enjoy Amazing Nightlife & Bars

* And How to Easily Get to Botswana and Eswatini (formally Swaziland) from Jo’Burg!