8 Badass Ways to Travel & Make Money!

So, I get asked all ze time how do I “make my money” when traveling. While I am what you would call a “Digital Nomad” (details in the list), there are plenty of ways to travel extensively and make your coins!

Before we get into the list, let me just say, on a level of transparency, I have only done/doing two of the items on the list: 1) Digital Nomad (currently) 2) I taught school in Kenya. I have, however, met plenty of people who have done these things, and I drew advice from them!

NGO: A non-governmental organization (NGO) is an organization that is neither a part of a government nor a conventional for-profit business. Most NGO’s focus on initiatives like hunger, human rights, environmental, and agricultural to name a few. Many are global and you can get paid positions with them.

Au Pair: If you love children, this would be an awesome position for you! Not only will you be able to act as a nanny, this position will give you the opportunity to live, interact, and help a local family!

Working Holiday & Seasonal Work: Australia is huge for this! If you are under the age of 30, you can apply for a visa to work in the country for up to a year! Many backpackers I met spent time working in Aussie and New Zealand, saved a TON of money and kept traveling!

With Seasonal Work, I met plenty of people who found work in local bars, hotels, and nightclubs. Most of the time, they walked in and asked if they needed some help! In Aussie, a lot of people are fruit pickers and make about $20+/hour too!

Teaching English: Teaching English overseas is typically a sweet deal! I have friends who teach in Asia and have been there for years! Many times, teaching contracts include salaries, health insurance, and paid accommodations! Check out this site for a listing of jobs overseas!

+ Instructors: While this term is quite broad, it is because a lot of jobs can fit into this category! The most popular being scuba diving instructing! When I was learning how to scuba dive in Thailand, all of the instructors were from different countries! Other jobs to consider are teaching yoga, surfing, and pilates to name a few. Do a quick online search for the country/city and the type of instructing gig to get your going. If you are already in that country, hit up some of the local studios and dive shops and ask around!

Tour Guides: I absolutely love going on local tours when I am in certain cities. If you know enough about a city, you could be hired as a tour guide! Think of it as, getting paid to show people the city you are in love with! I saw an episode of “House Hunters International” and the chick left TX to be a tour guide in Paris. She made enough to rent out a $1500 studio in the heart of the city, so I am assuming she made a decent income from giving tours to do so!

Doctors Without Borders: If you are in the medical field or aspire to be, check out this NGO. Not only will your medical skills be needed but you will be in countries around the world giving back.

If your a nurse, consider becoming a travel nurse!

+ Digital Nomad: This is technically my life! If you have skills such as designing graphics, developing websites, project management, assisting, or even can give legal advice, to name a few, you can create an online business and/or freelance! As long as you have ‘net access you can become a Digital Nomad! If you are interested in freelancing, check out some of these sites here, and here.

What are some other ways that you know to generate income while traveling?

Journey on.

how to make money and travel
ways to make money and travel