Hi there!

I am Rachel.

My goal and mission is to help shift the perception and narrative of what it is, seems, and feels to be a Black Traveler.

I partner with global brands in creating and/or adding travelers of color into their core marketing strategies.

Additionally, I help build up current or aspiring online influencers to take their passions and skills, become authentically valuable, and be profitable.

Lastly, I offer tons of valuable information on various destinations around the world, from the Gobi DesertThe Arctic CircleAlabama, and more!

I am a self-professed “cool nerd”, tech loving, foodie, from Florida, with a heart to travel the world and strike everything off my Bucket List!

After battling with Anxiety Disorder and Depression, I ‘retired’ from Corporate America at 27 years old to live in Purpose and fully indulge in my Wanderlust!

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Have a look around!

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“Using my online influence and expertise in travel and marketing, I work with Brands to help them see and change the narrative of how they see Black Travelers and I help people like you, who desire to create an online presence, make themselves authentic and profitable.”

— Rachel | Founder, RachelTravels.com


++ If those don’t answer your questions and you want to ‘pick my brain’? Let’s go on a Coffee Date!