How to Experience Wakanda: What To Do In Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa

By now, hopefully you’ve seen the movie

The Black Panther.

I loved it for so many reasons including the layers and layers of innuendos, analogies, and how much pride it has given Black people from all over the world.

With this, I have noticed an increased interest in people from all walks of life with a new found fascination in visiting the

The Continent.

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While Wakanda is not real (or is it? I’m kinda a conspiracy theorist, but we can talk about that later lol), you can still experience the beauty, wonder, and majesty of Africa.

One of my favorite countries in the world is South Africa.

It’s been my favorite since the first time I stepped foot there in 2012.

I spent about a month in South Africa from the end of December through January to bring in the New Year at #AfroPunkJozi and to take a breather.

I feel in love even deeper with the country, people, and culture.

South Africa has a deep and rich history that many Black Americans can identify with which is why it’s such an easy introduction into visiting Africa for the first time.

If you’re ready for a taste of Wakanda, then here is a blueprint to seeing and experiencing the country through Johannesburg and Durban!

What To Do in Durban south africa


Oh, Jo’Burg. Honestly, I kept hearing “be careful in Jozi!” before coming. Now, this is just a personal opinion, but I didn’t feel any more (or less) safer in Jozi than I do in Atlanta, Chicago, or NYC.

Speaking with some of the Black South Africans, they explained that after Apartheid ended and there was integration in the country, the White South Africans got scared and put walls and gates up everywhere, hence creating this fear based culture.

Needless to say, I love, Love, LOVE Jo’Burg.

It reminds me of Atlanta, or any major Black city in the States.

A city filled with beautiful black folks, creatives, amazing nightlife (they party until about 6a so just be ready), great food, and lots of history and culture.

The first time coming to South Africa I didn’t spend much time in Jo’Burg but, it’s safe to say – I got my fill this go ’round.

Where to Stay:

There are tons of really cute and safe neighborhoods in Jo’Burg. If you’re looking to stay in the heart of the city, want to be walking distance from cute shops, restaurants, and nightlife then stay in

The Maeboneng Precint. I got the cutest exposed brick, loft style AirBnB in the area.

 What to Do in Johannesburg, South Africa - What to Do in Johannesburg, South Africa –

If you’re on a budget, traveling solo, or just want to meet other travelers in Johannesburg, then check out Curiosity Hostels, which is also located in Maeboneng. They also offer amazing day excursions and have a location in Durban.

 What To Do In Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa The Maboneng Precinct Neighborhood The Maboneng Precinct Neighborhood

You could also stay in Sandton which isn’t quite so urban, but has your usual malls, shops, and more.

This area of town gives me Buckhead Atlanta or the Upper East Side of NYC.

What to Do:

Jozi is a large, major city that offers a TON to do.

A few suggestions are:

If you want to experience some great vibes, easily meet other travelers, and enjoy some of the best sunsets in the world, then head over to

The Rooftop at Curiosity Hostels.

Tell them I sent you!

 What To Do In Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa Curiosity Hostels - Johannesburg and Durban South Africa

Curiosity Hostels – Johannesburg and Durban South Africa

Want to really experience the local nightlight of South Africa? Grab a group of friends and head to Kwa Lichaba in Soweto! It is a GREAT time. You can even bring your own food, drinks, and order a hookah. In the VIP section, they have a pool and catered service!

What To Eat:

There are entirely to many restaurants to try in South Africa.

However, you must go to a braai (we would call it a BBQ) while here.

And must get the bunny chow (I didn’t like it, but gotta try it for yourself!).

 What To Do In Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa Bunny Chow - Dish to Try in South Africa

Bunny Chow – Dish to Try in South Africa


Often over shadowed by Jo’Burg and Cape Town, Durban was actually named “Best Quality of Life” amongst cities in South Africa. This beach town is like a smaller, suburban version of Miami (if that makes sense lol).

The weather is pretty consistent throughout the year (warm!) and the beaches are warm enough to actually swim in (unlike Cape Town).

Thank to #VisitDurban, I was able to pack in and see a lot of Durban in a just two days.

Getting There:

Honestly, the flights were so reasonable to get to different cities in South Africa that it’s an easy and affordable option. However, if you have time and/or are on a budget, then consider some of the buses like


to get to different cities in the country. They’re super clean, safe, and you can get tickets online.

Where to Stay:

While in Durban, Curiosity Hostels is a great option. I stayed in a private ensuite and it was AMAZING.


It was like a luxe hotel room! It was about 2x as big as my loft studio in Johannesburg and a few blocks from the beaches in Durban.

Things To Do:

UShaka Marine World

was really cool. It like their version of Sea World and you can even go shark diving!

Want to feel like you’re on South Beach in Miami? Then head over to The Golden Mile. During the summer months, it’s really crowded but there are a lot of great restaurants, sightseeing, and more.

 What To Do In Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa Golden Mile Beach in Durban South Africa RachelTravels Golden Mile Beach in Durban South Africa RachelTravels

For a bit of culture and history, you must do

The Inanda Heritage Route.

I cover it more in the video travel guide. It explores four major movements, including

1) Gandhi’s home while he studied in SA ( I know people say Ghandi was racists, but he has strong ties to Durban)

2)  John Dube’s Ohlange Institute for African boys (Dube is also the founder of the ANC)

3) The Shembe Church

4) The Inanda Seminary, a mission secondary boarding school that catered exclusively for African girls.

 What To Do In Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa The Inanda Heritage Route, Durban, South Africa What To Do In Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa The Inanda Heritage Route, Durban, South Africa

And since Durban is on the coast, there’s also the option to go shark diving, get surf lessons, and much more!

For nightlife, Durban has plenty to offer. Looking for a swanky, cute jazz spot? A friend personally suggested

The Chairman

While it’s out in the township of Umlazi, also check out Max’s Lifestyle. It’s a chisa nyama (a South African term used for a BBQ or Braai in the townships). Not only is it pretty swanky, it was voted on Conde Nast!

Are you ready to experience Wakanda IRL (in real life)?

Visiting South Africa is a great place to start!

what to do in durban south africawhat to do in Johannesburg