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The Garden Route is possible one of the most beautiful routes to drive in the world. It is a 190 mile stretch on the southwestern coast. Sedgefield, a complete gem on The Garden Route of South Africa was absolutely stunning. Words cannot explain how beautiful the towns and villages are on this route.

Hands down, one of the favorite parts of South Africa. Sedgefield Garden Route Western Cape of South Africa

While it’s a small ‘village,’ there’s a ton to do here.

If you’re traveling solo, this destination is one that will welcome you with open arms immediately. It’s really easy to meet others and to get around the local area.

What to do in sedgefield western cape garden route -

What To Do In Sedgefield On The Garden Route Western Cape of South Africa 

Getting Here:

The closest airport to Sedgefield is in George. From here, you can drive or get a cab for about 40- 60 minutes to Sedgefield.

If you’re on a road trip on The Garden Route, then may start in Cape Town.

Where to Stay:

The ONLY place you should stay is Dover On the Sea.

This bed and breakfast is an absolute DREAM.

The views are amazing. The owners Jurgen and Karen are the warmest, most helpful people you’ll ever meet. And the rooms are beautiful and cozy.

Sleeping with the windows open, listening the waves crashing was the best.

 Sedgefield Garden Route Western Cape of South Africa Hotel

What To Do:

If you’re coming to South Africa, you MUST try the wines. South Africa is pivotal in the wine industry.

Lakeside Spa and Lounge was great beautiful. You can do a wine tasting or a wine and cheese tasting on the lake there. The views are stunning. It’s an excellent place for a date or even to gather a few friends and enjoy lunch and wine.

 Sedgefield Garden Route Western Cape of South Africa wine tasting wine tour If you love to learn about marine wildlife, fossils, and history, then you MUST do a walk or a hike with Mark Dixon from Garden Route Trail! It was cool walking along the beach and learning about the birds, rock formations, and marine life. They even offer trail walks, coastal walks, day walks, and more.

 Sedgefield Garden Route Western Cape of South Africa beaches

Sedgefield Classic Cars are great for the car enthusiast or not! If you have an opportunity, you made be able to take one of the classic cars on a test drive around one of the lakes. Talk about stunning views!

 Sedgefield Garden Route Western Cape of South Africa classic cars

If you’re in Sedgefield on the weekend, you have to stop by The Wild Oats Community Market. This is a great place to have a bite and a glass of wine with friends and family.  There are so many vendors here with local foods, crafts, tastings, live music, art, etc.

The BEST oysters I have ever had were here! AND I DON’T EVEN LIKE RAW OYSTERS!

 Sedgefield Garden Route Western Cape of South Africa oysters paragliding

What to Eat:

Pili Pili Beach Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Sedgefield. The food is yummy and fresh. Some of my favorites were the calamari salad (so freakin’ delicious and fresh) and the fire-grilled pizzas!

Have you been to the Western Cape of South Africa? What was your impression?

What to do in sedgefield south africa garden route western capeWhat To Do In Western Cape of South Africa

Special Thank You to South Africa Tourism, #VisitKnysna and Sedgefield for hosting me!