A sales page is a page specifically designed to sell; it could be a physical product, a service, or even a class. There are 7 secrets to a high converting sales page. It has something in common with a landing page, but the goals differ.

A sales page could be useful even when it comes to subscriptions, such as for a newsletter.

The  7 secrets to a high converting sales page - RachelTravels.com

A sales page needs to appeal to your final customer, so you have to study and analyze your digital business data and rely on your buyer’s persona. 

It could either be long or short; it all depends on what you are selling and who your target audience. Design, color, copy, length could all vary. A/B testing is the best way to see what genuinely works. 

But what are the elements of a high converting sales pages?

The Right Copy To The Right Audience

The correct copy to the right audience is a must. Hence why you should study, because you might want a short copy that goes straight to point or a more long one that explains your product. Central is focusing on the title and the headlines that could make the difference. It would be best if you had something captivating that grab the attention. 

Don’t forget to think about how much informations your audience might need and how much in-depth. Do they want to know about you? What questions might they have? You can add sections, such as something about you or the FAQs.

Product Description

You should add a captivating product description, providing the right information that can anticipate your client’s objections. Highlight the values it carries and the state the benefits that can come from it. 

A further step that you might take is to talk about the benefits of the benefits: if you sell something that makes you lose weight, don’t focus just on the primary goal but on how a person might feel after it. 

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Who Is This Product For?

The section appeals directly to the customer, explaining why the product is right for him and also help to manage his objections. It’s a more in-depth look at the benefits for your specific target that will help increase conversions.

Call to Action

Consider this an answer to the headline. It would be best if you told your clients what to do. There is not a given answer here since you can put multiple CTA. The form and the color and also the positions you chose all play a role in the conversion process. In this situation, testing is of capital importance. The longer your sales page is, the more CTA you’ll need.

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A responsive layout is mandatory because a lot of people use a mobile device to surf the net. But to create a high converting sales page, you need to take a step ahead. You need a design that is pleasing to the eye and reduces distractions.

Some common points that you should use are:

  • Plenty of white space;
  • Bullet points and easily readable fonts;
  • Images, video, infographics;
  • Graphic focus on the product.

Social Proof, Testimonials, Case Studies, Reviews

Word of mouth helps increase trust and stimulate conversions. Your selling page needs to include social proof, like reviews or testimonials. You can also add your clients’ logos if they are well known or case studies.

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Urgency + Price

People don’t want to miss out. Make your offering time-limited or use scarcity. You can do like Amazon, which highlight in red or yellow when a product is about to be over. You can ever use pricing that catches the attention, like the one that ends with 9 (like 99 instead of 100).

As you can see, these are 7 secrets to a high converting sales page. Different elements have an impact when it comes to a sales page. The line between a sales page that converts and a sales page that doesn’t reach its goal is thin. It relies on knowing what to implement through testing. 

The  7 secrets to a high converting sales page - RachelTravels.com
The  7 secrets to a high converting sales page - RachelTravels.com