Let’s be honest.

We all would love to learn how to get paid to trave the world or at least have tools to help us do it (like the exact pitch templates I’ve been using for years!). How to Get Paid to Travel + Exact Pitch Templates To Use

Due to travel becoming essential to happiness and as travel is becoming more accessible to all; many new and inspiring travel bloggers/vloggers/podcasters/ influencers are looking to get paid and/or compensated for their influence.

How to Get Paid to Travel + Exact Pitch Templates To Use

RachelTravels.com is running for over three years now and I have the most amazing opportunities to partner and collaborate with amazing brands, including Herschel Supply Company, Amazing Thailand, AC Marriott hotels, and much more, to name a few.

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Understand, it takes a lot of hard work, diligence, ignored messages, and consistency to get to a position of working with major brands. So heads up sweetie. If you’re not gonna be committed, then growing any success travel brand may not be for you. #truetea.

But I want you to flourish. As a result, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned so far while in this travel influencing game.

This is the “how” my friend.

Obviously, there’s more to it. But if you truly understand and are very clear about the following, you’ll be halfway there to getting paid and/or compensated for traveling:

How to Get Paid to Travel + Exact Pitch Templates To Use

1) There is no such thing as “free”: It was our good brother Drake who said, “I shouldn’t have to f*#&! for free.” This is especially relevant. As pretty and good looking as you are, no one is going to compensate you based off of your looks (or the looks of your Instagram ) alone.  When collaborating and partnering with Brands they will require something from you as you would from them. This could include blog posts, video, reviews on certain sites, etc.

2) You MUST Understand Your Audience & The Brands’ Needs: This is possibly the most important point for you to remember. You must be VERY clear on your audience. Because if you’re not – you’re up to the creek in a lot of work with little return. If you have no idea of or not sure of exactly who you’re talking to, under their needs, desires, etc. it will be difficult to convince a brand that partnering together is mutually beneficial (this is your noteworthy keyword of the day).

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3) This is a Business Transaction: Seriously. You’re not just getting free nights stay at a beautiful resort and villa. You’re staying to document your experiences, writing about it, creating beautiful, visually appealing content, etc. As mentioned in an earlier point, you’re getting to give. Furthermore, if you desire to work with other Brands, you must take this seriously and with pride. Your name is on it.

4) Be Different: It’s safe to say, lately, there’s been an influx in travel bloggers/ influencers. Legit. First of all, we all come a “dime a dozen”. As a result, you must stand out in some way. What that means for you is going to be different from me what it means or looks like for me. If you want to get more clarity on how to set yourself apart, you can schedule a coffee date with me.

In conclusion, it takes work bay-bay. So if this seems like a lot, it’s because it is.


Now, do you want to figure this out on your own or use the exact pitch templates I use to work with huge global brands?

Since you’re here. Of course, you do.

So now that you’re clear on what it takes to work with Brands, do you want the exact templates that I use to pitch major brands for partnerships, collaborations, and sponsorships?

These are the exact templates I use to pitch brands that I want to collaborate and partner with including Amazing Thailand, Norwegian Airlines, Herschel Supply, Co, and many others.

While it was just three years ago, as a Travel Influencer, I have learned how to structure these templates to get results and a response from brands. Therefore, I am sharing what I know with you.

The Pitch Fix Templates is a bundle of email templates structured very strategically, to make your proposal to major brands clear and concise.

No one wants to or has time for super long, lengthy emails. Doing this is the quickest way to get ignored.

Introduce your brand, express your purpose, explain how the partnership is mutually beneficial, and what you need from the Brand. Simple.

This is what is included in The Pitch Fix Templates:

Included in the bundle:

  • Hotel Pitch Template

  • Travel Tours Pitch Template

  • General Pitch Template

  • Guest Post Collaboration Template


  • VIDEO: “How to Effectively Pitch Brands”

  • GUIDE: Example Promotional Posting Plan


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