A Week In Bali Is Cheaper Than a Weekend In Miami

Many folks LOVE Miami.

And many think Bali is too expensive.

I get it.

The beautiful beaches.

Everyone looks like they walked straight out of a swimsuit magazine.

The super cute (and expensive) boutique hotels.

A nightlife that is unmatched.

It makes perfect sense.

As a native Floridian, Miami is a quick escape for a fun weekend of ratchetness and debauchery. My only, personal issue with Miami is that it’s expensive AF (use context clues for that).

Before we even talk about the cost of hotels, having brunch on the beach, or having the time of your life at King of Diamonds (KOD) – let’s first discuss the amount of money you’ll spend BEFORE you get to Miami.

You’re damn sure not going to Miami looking a mess!


So you go buy a few new outfits, swimmies (swimsuits), get your hair done, mani/pedi, the list could go on. Before you know it… you’ve spent hundreds and you haven’t even stepped a foot on the sand!

Or is this just what I go through to go to Miami? Ha!

When I start analyzing it all, I realized I could probably spend less money in everyone’s dream destination – Bali, Indonesia – than a popular weekend in Miami!

Was I right? Check out the video below and see which destination came out on top!


Journey on.