You don’t have time to waste – nor do I.

My only goal and mission as your Marketing Strategist are to see you win. However, you define “winning,” you and I will work together closely to map a strategic framework to get you there.

Let’s get this straight…

I am straight-forward, transparent, and accountable for my actions and decisions, so as your Strategist, I want to help you move past your fear, overwhelm, and frustration to get you where you want to go in your travel biz.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, do the work, mute the excuses, step into your potential and get what you deserve, I am the Business Strategist for you.

Marketing Consulting Is For You If You Need Help With. . .

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Monetization Strategy For Content Creators + Influencers 
  • Launching A Group Trip/ Retreat/ or Live Events
  • Setting Up Email Marketing + Social Media Automations 
  • Being Held Accountable

I’m sure you cannot wait to stop spending hours and hours scouring the internet trying to piece things together, or falling down a Youtube wormhole of “how to make money online” videos, or overthinking yourself out of taking any real action, or you need someone to hold you accountable – am I correct?

Trust me. 

I know exactly what it’s like to work your a** off (to the point of complete burnout), suffer from anxiety, and feel like a million tabs are open in your brain. I know the feeling of disgust that rises in your chest as you put on a smiling mask face to go into an environment where your unappreciated, overworked, and underpaid.

Yet, I also know what it feels like to: have a business that generates money. At the same time, I am asleep, how to successfully launch my products and services (without the frustration and overwhelm), have the freedom to live wherever I want on the planet, and how to balance rest and work.

It’s my mission to help experience the same (if you so desire), by assisting you in setting up a framework to move you through the goals of your business and dream bigger for yourself.


To begin our Strategy Sessions, you’ll start by complete a simple Questionnaire. I’ll review your responses, and if we’re a great fit, I’ll email you to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consult call with me. If we are not a great fit, I’ll also email you to let you know and provide you with resources or referrals, if applicable.

During our 20 min consultation call, we can see if we’re an excellent match for coaching and talk further about the exciting things you want to achieve in your travel biz. 

Please know, there is no obligation at any stage until you decide what feels right for you.

The Marketing Strategy Sessions is a 3-month commitment and is $500/month.

We’ll meet weekly, for up to 1 hour, for a total of 12 calls.

Enrollment Opens On Monday, March 23rd.

  • March 2020 (calls begin April 2020)

A Marketing Strategist is not for you if:

  • You’re not someone who honors time, money, actions, or communication commitments
  • You find it difficult to take action and be held accountable
  • You’re not open to feedback and constructive criticism about your Travel Biz 
  • You tend to have a lot of excuses about what “won’t” or “can’t” work for you
  • You find it difficult to take action and be held accountable

NOTE: Please do not place yourself under any financial strain to work with me.


  1. We will start with a 30 min 1:1 video session (after the $99 deposit) by discussing your current (or aspiring) travel brand and THREE main objectives you want to achieve.
  2. We will create, build, and execute a CUSTOM framework for you to follow to achieve those goals. (Different strokes, ya know?)
  3. We will meet 4x/ month for up to 60 mins to discuss your progress, receive feedback, and most importantly accountability.