It is no secret that I enjoying flying – in most cases.

However, I will be the FIRST to tell you that long haul flights, the flights that last longer than five hours, get old real quick.

Survivors Guide to Long Haul Flights


You will get restless.

Your muscles will ache.

Your ass will hurt.

Your skin and nose will be extra dry.

And you will feel yucky when you get off the flight.

There is honestly no formula on how to enjoy these long flights in Economy but I can give you a few pointers!

Survivors Guide to Long Haul Flights

  1. Keep Your Toiletries on You: After all the freaking meals and snacks you’ll get on these long-haul flights, you will want to brush your grill (read: teeth), reapply some deodorant, and wipe off your hotspots. Keep a “kit” of items you need like wet wipes, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, lotion, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and deodorant to freshen up as you need. Make sure to keep this in your carryon!

  2. Stay Thirsty My Friend: I enjoy having drinks. Especially when the drinks and chaser are $FREE.99. However, with the air being SO dry up there, it is super important to stay hydrated with water. You must drink water – lots and lots and lots of water. Staying hydrated with H20 is the way keep to your skin, nose, and eyes from being less dry, will help you sleep, and will keep you from feeling sluggish when you finally arrive at your destination.

  3. Boost It Up: The air is recycled. That’s no secret. So imagine your germs, that baby crying four rows in front of you, and that old dude that’s about to cough up his lung, breathing in the SAME AIR. Gross right? Take an immune booster chocked full of Vitamin C and other goodies to keep you from catching whatever they have.

  4. SANITIZE!: After my experience coming home from Brazil, I wipe everything down! *ques ‘Wipe Me Down’. People can be really really disgusting. Get some sanitizing wipes and wipe down your seat-back table, armrest, and whatever else you can think of!

  5. Bring Your Own Everything: I mentioned this on a Travel Tip Wednesday post on my IG. To ensure your safety from germs and comfort, bring your own headrest pillow, scarf or jacket to double as a blanket.

  6. Charge It Up: Don’t be a simp like me and forget your iPad on a long-haul international flight. Load up your devices with all your movies, music, audiobooks, and eBooks. Make sure they are FULLY charged and bring a backup charger. Some flights have USB cords which will allow you to keep your devices charged which is a LIFE saver!

  7. How to Get Some REAL Sleep: As mentioned earlier, I like a drink every now and again. But drinking is NOT the best way to get some good, quality sleep on a long flight. The altitude + liquor + not good for sleeping or staying energized when you arrive. I suggest your tea (chamomile is great!), the airline pillow to support your back, and your pillow to support your neck. An eye mask is also really helpful too. Avoid taking any synthetic substances if you can, but, honestly, if the flight is super long, I take melatonin.

  8. Don’t Get Cute!: Listen, I’ll all about an occasional slay, but when it comes to long flights you do not have to dress up. Wearing jeans for 10+ hours straight gets pretty uncomfortable. I like to wear leggings, a light t-shirt, a jacket, or sweatshirt. Being able to move around, stretch easily, and not be restricted is crucial for your comfort!

What are some of your favorite ways to survive long-haul flights?

How to survive long flights
The Survivors Guide to Long Haul Flights RachelTravels
The Survivors Guide to Long Haul Flights