My Expat Life In South Africa: A Day Trip to Lesotho [VIDEO]

What to do in Lesotho -

Have you heard of the country Lesotho? I took a day trip to Lesotho with some friends and I want to share!

It’s a country that’s INSIDE of South Africa.


There’s not a lot going on in Lesotho. However, since it’s so close to Jo’Burg, some friends and I decided to make a day trip of heading out there. #MorePassportStamps.

Although this vlog was filmed in the winter, the country is quite beautiful and scenic country.

It’s quite popular for skiing and snowboarding, but I don’t like cold like that, so we opted to just explore the capital city of Maseru.

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AND it’s one of those countries that not many people frequent.

Not even South Africans and it’s right there…

inside of the country.

Literally, a ‘short’ 4hr drive from Johannesburg.


Now, the roads are quite terrible for about 1.5hrs getting closer to the boarder, nonetheless, it was a great visit!

What to see and do in Lesotho -

My Expat Life In South Africa: A Day Trip to Lesotho [VIDEO]