In my initial (Part 1) article on why I quit my “good” “job,” I gave you all a very intimate look into myself and why I decided to leave a comfortable life to pursue one my truest passions – to travel the world and share my experiences. How to Quit Your Good Job (Part 2)  Since the publication of that article, I have gotten tons of inquiries and questions on how others can do the same. Of course, I can tell you how I generate additional income by doing freelance work and sticking to a strict budget; and while they are all really important to consider, it is much deeper than this.

So how do you leave a “good,” “great,” “awesome” job/lifestyle to pursue your dreams?

Let me rephrase that.

How do you leave a “good,” “great,” “excellent” job/lifestyle to be placed in a tight, uncomfortable, unfamiliar, intimidating space?

Before I get into steps on doing this, first ask yourself what are you willing to give up. If you are not ready to take a significant risk or make a huge sacrifice, you will never know what is in store on the other side. For me, I sacrificed a promising career at a Fortune 20 company and a fabulous apartment in the beautiful Fairmount neighborhood in Philadelphia. All material and easily replaceable. It is easy for me to say that now, but that was not always the case.

Below are four brief steps to take on how to quit your “good” job to pursue the life you want:

Step 1) Pray: Or meditate, analyze, whatever you do, seek a deeper understanding of God and within yourself on why you want to leave.

Is it because you loathe your current situation? Will you be serving the needs of others? Is it because you feel your soul and spirit yearning for it? Ask yourself some of these questions. Keeping a journal of your reflections allows you to see how your thought process and perspective matures throughout the journey.

Step 2) Plan & Plan: Okay. Now you know that you know it is time to leave but what is the Game Plan? Have a solid rough draft of the first six months developed? Consider your ROI (Return on Investment). To calculate your ROI is,

the benefit (return) of an investment/ by the cost of the investment


Benefit (freedom, walking in your purpose, etc) / Giving up a unstable, unhappy existence

Guarantee the benefits outweigh the sacrifice every time!

I once read that one should never have a Plan B. With a Plan B, you subconsciously know that there is something to fall back on. Thus you are not putting in the 10000% effort, passion, and love it takes to execute your Game Plan. It is all or ALL. Now, if you’re not willing to exert 10000% effort, go back to Step 1.

Step 3)Let’s Not Forget Financials: Simple. Make sure you have enough funds or an additional stream of income to support Step 2. This does not mean you need to have $20K in cash on hand, but consider some of the skills you have that can assist with earning extra money. Whether it is selling art, cutting hair, cleaning, or consulting. There is something you can offer that people are willing to pay for. While you are at it, sell all that crap in your place that you do not need or not using!

To reduce costs or make some extra dough consider some of the following:

  • Even if you cannot design logos, develop apps, or build WordPress sites, sign up for sites like Fiverr where you can find freelance gigs like data entry, customer service gigs, or even give tourism advice!

  • Create a budget and stick to it! One of my favorites can be found here. With a visual budget, you can not only see where you are spending but how much you are spending. It’s a humbling experience – TRUST me.

  • As a self-professed foodie, eating out often costs A LOT. Recreate some of your favorite meals at home, do some meal planning, and save your eating out splurges for lunchtime deals or weekends only.

  • Open a Savings account specifically dedicated to you jumping ship! Be careful not to touch it!

Step 4) Accountability: So you have come this far. Find someone or something that will keep you motivated and hold you accountable. At this point, you’ve risked and sacrificed much to be here. Surely there is no going back. Find a small token, quote, person, some inspiration that constantly reminds you why you started here in the first place.

While these steps may seem very impractical for some, nothing is impossible. Allowing your faith to outweigh your fear is the greatest challenge.

What steps have you taken so far to leave your comfortable job/lifestyle?

Until then, journey on!