Possibly one of the only reasons to come to Mongolia is to see the Gobi Desert!As a self-proclaimed history buff, this has been on my Bucket List for some time now. The sparsely populated desert is a must-see for every tourist.

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How to Trek Solo Through the Gobi Desert, Mongolia!

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How To Find a Trek:

There are several ways to get on treks to The Gobi Desert. It comes down to two factors:

  • Budget

  • Amount of days you want to trek (anyway from three days to almost a month!)

Many of the tour companies can be found online. Mongolia is HUGE, so some of the treks include different parts of the country. Most of them including:

  • Lots of hikes

  • Horseback riding

  • Camel riding

  • Sightseeing different monuments, temples, and establishments

  • Staying in traditional Mongolian homes called “gers.”

 Gobi Desert Mongolia Solo Trekking Woman

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Trekking through The Gobi Desert will offer you some unique experiences like drinking traditional Mongolian drinks like the Airag (fermented horse milk). You’ll also be introduced to traditional foods like the buuz (which is shredded mutton wrapped in dough).

 Gobi Desert Mongolia Solo Trekking Woman

In the midst of the Gobi Desert lies the ruins of ancient monasteries as well as archaeological sites. Mongolia is credited as one of the destinations in the world where lots of dinosaur fossils have been found. One of the most memorable experiences was seeing holding the fossilized head of a dinosaur!

Mongolia is quite vast. You can drive for hours and not see any villages or Ger establishments. When staying with locals in the yurt communities, one of the local traditions is too great guests with small quantities of snuff, to sniff, then pass around the group.

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