Tallinn, Estonia is an absolutely beautiful, breathtaking, underrated gem of a city.

It’s with certainty that if you’re reading this, you’re much like me and knew very little about The Baltics as a region in the northeast region of Europe.

Just a few days before, I was in

Copenhagen and I must say, the vibes are quite different – but in a very impressive way.

In a quest to bring you destinations not widely discovered, Tallinn, Estonia was at the top of the list.

If you’re in The Baltics and have time, this is how to spend 2 days in Tallinn, Estonia. Not nearly long enough to see everything, but enough to discover a few gems of the beautiful city.

Here is what you probably didn’t know about Estonia:

Estonia is actually an epicenter and advocate for technology and enterprise.

Did you know Skype were both created in Estonia?

Estonia believes that having access to internet and technology is a basic human right, therefore much of the country is moving towards a digitized economy. Every single school in the country is equipped with wifi.

Are you an Entrepreneur or thinking of starting a business? Then check out Estonia’s e-Residency program,” the e-Residency offers to every world citizen a government-issued digital identity and the opportunity to run a trusted company online, unleashing the world’s entrepreneurial potential.”  (source)

Tallinn, Estonia:

 Old Town, Tallin, Estonia - Old Town, Tallin, Estonia

Arriving in Tallinn, it wasn’t a shock that this was quite a metropolitan city. It’s lively, bustling, with that real ‘city’ feel.

However, once in the Old Town area, you literally take a step back in history right before your eyes.

Tallinn is the oldest preserved medieval city in the world and you can clearly see this in the architecture and design throughout Old Town.

There are secret passageways. Beautiful churches and monasteries. Lots of old world charm and details.

In the Travel Guide Vlog below, I share some insights about Tallinn, Estonia, including eating at a super yummy traditional Estonian cuisine restaurant called Leib.

I even touch on the nightlife with one of the coolest restaurant/bar/lounges I found called Tai Boh.


While my trip to Tallinn, Estonia was in partnership with Norwegian Airlines all opinions are my own. Special thank you to Visit Estonia for helping to make this trip to Estonia magical!