Heyyy! Rachel here!

Okay. If you’re reading this, you found this “email” on social media.


[TL,DR (aka: The Summary)]

  • Hi. I’m Rachel, Digital Marketing + Content Strategist Extraordinaire (lol).
  • I have A LOT of experience with Marketing and I’m showing up (more) consistently online to help you get your business online and making ?!
  • Since we’ll be in the house, I’ll be throwing virtual happy hours with my biz besties and I’m inviting you too ?
  • There are some free goodies at the bottom of the email ??.

You probably haven’t heard much about or from me lately. I’ve been a bit ‘quiet’ on social media because – well… life happens. Last year was a doozy, and now this #Rona?! Whew!

First, I mustn’t be rude! Let me introduce myself:

  • I’m a travel obsessed Digital Marketer + Content Strategist (been doing this for 10+yrs, sheesh!)
  • In 2014, I left my six-figure job in Corporate America and ‘retired’ at 27 yo.
  • After leaving, I backpacked through SE Asia solo + started my travel blog
  • Quickly, I learned how to grow brand presence and monetize content online (hello passive income ??)
  • This helped me sustain a life I love + helped me live abroad several times (I miss you South Africa + Mexico ?!)
  • My company has helped hundreds of businesses build their brand presence and make thousands by monetizing their content online!

You’re not reading this so that I can boast, but to assure you that I’ve gone through the trial and error when it comes to doing the right things in the correct order.


[UPDATED JUNE 2020] I have more to say… but will update later…