How to Do Copenhagen, Denmark + Travel Guide Vlog [VIDEO]

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Copenhagen is a BEAUTIFUL city. Lively, vibrant, and bustling.

Originally a Viking fishing town, Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and it’s most populous city.

Staying in the heart of the city at

Generator Hostel – Copenhagen

you will have access to everything that you need including a lit nightlife, fantastic eateries, shops, and a less than five-minute walk to the metro station. For a cold drink (literally), check out Reflections Ice Bar downstairs.

Thanks to #VisitCopenhagen we got Copenhagen Cards, which lets you utilize public transportation through the city and the suburbs. While the Danish operate on a ‘trust system’ (it’s really easy to forget to swipe you metro pass) for the public transportation, if a conductor ask to see your ticket and you don’t have it, you could be fined up to 700 krones!

But y’all.

Let me put ten on 20 (be transparent for those of you who may not get it).

Copenhagen is EXPENSIVE.

Literally. Went to an authentic Mexican spot and spent… are you ready for this… $45 on two flautas, chips and salsa, and two pineapple sodas! Yuh. That is not a typo, and you read it correctly.

One way to get around the expenses, especially when it comes to meals, is to do your grocery shopping. The cost for beautiful, fresh, and organic produce was extremely inexpensive.

If you have an AirBnB (free credit) it would be feasible to prepare your meals.

While in Copenhagen, you want to take some to explore the city. Because it’s quite small, it’s easy to see a lot in a day or two.

Balder Experiences was gracious enough to send our fantastic guide Laura to show us around town. We did a beautiful boat tour on the water with

Hey Captain Boat Tours which included blankets and hot coffee!

If you’re an art buff, then take some time to head about 30 minutes outside of the city to The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, for world famous and thought-provoking exhibits.

One of my favorite parts of Copenhagen (or not), is Freetown Christiania. This is a ‘city’ of about 1000 people who have created an autonomous anarchist community. Not technically Denmark, not Copenhagen, and not apart of the EU – they are their entity. While marijuana is illegal in Denmark, one of the exciting things about Christiania is that you can easily get it there.

Be careful.

You’re not allowed to take photos or film in Freetown Christiania or run the risk of getting your equipment smashed or worst.

If you want to see more of Copenhagen, then watch the Travel Guide Blog below:

Have you been to Copenhagen? If so, what was your experience like?

** While my trip to Copenhagen, Denmark was in partnership withNorwegian Airlines, all opinions are my own. Special thank you to Visit Copenhagen, Balder Experiences, Hey Captain Boat Tours, and Generator Hostel - Copenhagen.