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Are you exhausted and overwhelmed with wondering exactly HOW to get started as a profitable Travel Influencer, connect with global brands, and monetize your influence?

With the power of social media, you see fantastic photos of people just like you, traveling the world, curating beautiful imagery, collaborating with brands, AND getting paid for it.

The game is changing, and the world needs you.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, or confused with how to get started building an online brand as a Travel Influencer, specifically of Color, then this book was created with you in mind.

In the book, So You Want To Be An Influencer?: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming An Influencer of Color, author Rachel V. Hill shares the Ultimate Guide for building an authentic, highly sought out brand as a Travel Influencer and how to get paid to travel the world.

Learn How To

In this book, Rachel shares insights, methodologies, and strategies on how to get started as a profitable Travel Influencer including:

  • How To Identify Your Target Market

  • Creating, Building, and Nurturing Your Audience on Social Media

  • How To Effectively Pitch Brands For Partnerships and Collaborations

  • What It Takes To Monetize Your Influence

  • Hacks And Strategies

Blessed is the Influencer who uses her power to move the culture.

— Kenecia Lashae | Travel Influencer | @Passport2Pretty

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Who I Am

Hey y’all!

I am Rachel Hill, an Influencer Marketing Expert from Orlando, FL. 

After silently suffering from Anxiety Disorder and Depression, I “retired” from Corporate America at 27, to travel the world indefinitely.

Initially starting my travel blog as an open journal for a solo backpacking journey through SE Asia, I soon saw there was a gap in the narrative of what it means to be a Black Traveler.

Within four years, through creative and digital strategy, I created and built a travel brand with thousands of followers that influences and inspires millennials of color to push past their comfort zones and travel the world. 

What I Believe

My mission is to change the narrative of what the Black Traveler looks like in the Tourism industry by education and encouraging Travelers of Color to become Influencers.

Through partnering with global brands and organizations to through training, speaking, and facilitating workshops, I believe Brands need to understand that marketing in the travel industry, is not a “one-size-fits” all approach.

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