How Travel Can Be So Damn Cheap!


One of the questions I get ERRY week is "how do I reduce costs when it comes to travel?" , "Girl. How in zee hell are you able to travel so much?!"

I get it. It is a relevant question. If you have been following my blog or on social media for a while, you will see that I have a tendency not to stay in place!

A huge misconception in our community is that travel is too expensive. I did a case study some time ago where I compared a week long trip to Thailand to a weekend in Miami, FL! Which destination do you think came out on top?

Let me just say, before I quit my job, I was always a very frugal and conscious shopper/saver/investor. I have not had cable since I was in college, I have been driving the same car since I was in 12th grade, and I am constantly scouring the internet for coupons for everything! When it comes to travel, those habits and tendencies transferred over.

I am so damn good at this that I was able to backpack through 8 countries for less than $3000, right at about $2500 to be exact. No BS. And, I paid $15.30 for my flight to Bangkok. No really, no BS!

Let me also be honest and say, that my trip could have been done for a lot cheaper!  This depends on your travel style of course.

Here are a few ways that travel can be so damn cheap!:

  • Learn how to 'travel hack' your way to your destination (i.e., that $15.30 flight to Bangkok is an example!)

  • Consider using a service like AirBnB (here's a $25 credit!) or hostels vs. expensive hotels. Save money and have a much more authentic experience!

  • Eat where the locals eat! It tastes a helluva lot better and is much cheaper than the typical touristy spot (think about that spot down the street from you auntie's house that's BANGIN'!)

  • Consider taking local transportation options or Uber vs. expensive cabs or renting a car

  • Reduce drinking and partying or look into free activities!

I implemented most of these tips when I went backpacking last year. With that, I wanted to share with you the mistakes I made (BMF* on flights and food), how to easily save $3K, what 'travel hacking' is, and a line-by-line breakdown of my itinerary and trip expenses check out this eBook I wrote! I tried to keep it as real as possible and yet informative.

Anyhoo... what are some of the things you do to make travel so damn cheap for you?

I'm all ears.

Journey on,

*BMF = 'blowing money fast'

**I'll keep it real... there a few affiliate links in this post!

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