Travel + HipHop - A Live Discussion


Travel + HipHop - A Live Discussion

With all that has been taking place in the States (and globally) with the assassination of innocent Black men, my goal is to position the spotlight away from the negativity and dispel the myths and fears that come along with being a Black, man, in America.

Welcome, Travel + HipHop.

Two amazing experiences (or lifestyles depending on how you look at it) emerged through one inspirational blogger,poet, and activist, Salim El Bey.

I had been following him for some time and after reading about his experiences from attending an HBCU, being homeless, then being one of the top fitness trainers in NYC, to then creating a brand merging travel and hip-hop, I had to share his story with the world!

Travel & HipHop is Salim's movement to Break down the stereotypes surrounding the black diaspora and Hip Hop Culture in America, by traveling & interacting with multiple cultures worldwide.

Check out this insightful interview with Salim El Bey as he discusses everything from:

  • How hip-hop has allowed him to connect with people globally (even with a language barrier)

  • Ways that you can still travel and see the world even if you do not have a passport (it’s possible!)

  • How hip-hop as a culture is being warped and how he plans to use this culture to bring them masses together

  • Much more!

You can follow Salim El Bey at the following:

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