The Brown Girl’s Guide to The BEST Protective Style for Traveling!


Let me be completely honest.

I real-life hadn't rocked weave since Jan 2012. The reason I remember the date so vividly is because I was in DC for Obama inauguration!

I was wearing what I thought was ‘natural’, kinky hair, but to make a long story short - it was matted, tangled, and terrible after 1 week! I took it out as soon as I got home and vowed to never wear weave AGAIN!

Then, HerGivenHair reached out and wanted to partner with me showing how their hair keeps up in various climates! As much as I travel, I needed something to hold up in different environments and terrains.

I agreed and now I am in LOVE with this hair!

Here Are 7 Reasons I Love This Hair:

  • I have been wearing this hair (as a sew-in) since Nov '15 (obviously taken out and re-installed). Most people think this is my real hair!

  • It feels super soft and reacts like the hair that comes out of my scalp. When it is humid outside - the hair it gets puffy. If I don't comb it - it gets tangled.

  • I love that it comes in 3 different textures which exactly mimics the hair that comes out of your head. It blends really well!

  • I've worn the SAME two bundles of hair since NOVEMBER 2015 (this is written in April ’16!) and the hair is still thick and luscious!

  • You can press this hair straight, curl wand it, roller set it, etc and it STILL bounces back! (set photo below)

  • You can color it and it doesn't disturb the texture or curl of the hair (mine isn't colored by my friend dyed her hair and it reacts the same way).

  • It’s super affordable and can be worn over and over again!

The Hair That I’ve Been Rockin’ Is two bundles of 16”,Coily Hair.

Here are some details about the hair:

  • Coily hair is 100% human hair that has been tailored to match 3C & 4A hair.

  • It is very lightweight, soft, and bouncy.

  • Blends with most hair textures (I am a 4A-C and it blends perfectly!).

  • Coily hair is tighter than curly, looser than the Kinky texture.

  • Medium luster. Again blends really well with healthy natural hair.

  • Hair can be washed, colored, styled and heat can be applied safely without damaging the hair.

I LOVE @hergivenhair! I've Rockin' This 16", Coily for months now! (If You're in ATL checkout @kellikibblehair!) It's the BEST Protective Style Hair for Traveling! #RachelTravels #protectivestyles #NaturalHair #HerGivenHair #TravelBlogger #TravelHair #Wanderlust

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On top of all of that… I have worn this hair in various climates from humidity, cold, desert, etc.

Check Out The Photos At the Top of the Post!

If you’re interested in checking out the hair and more reviews CLICK HERE!

What is your favorite protective style to rock while traveling?




** This is a sponsored post by Her Give Hair.

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The Brown Girl ’s Guide to The BEST Protective Style for Traveling!

The Brown Girl’s Guide to The BEST Protective Style for Traveling!