The Girls' Guide to Montreal

A Girl’s Guide to Montreal

Girl’s Guide Girls Trip to Montreal Canada

It seems that Montreal gets less love than the ever so popular city of Toronto. Both Canadian cities are clean, diverse, and lively, but there is something special about Montreal.

For starters, if you’re a Foodie, Montreal is a paradise. This French- Canadian city has more restaurants per capita than any other country in North America! Any and everything you ever wanted to try or experience is right in the heart of the city.

For my #30NoChaser, 30th birthday celebration, I wanted to share my love for this grand city with some of my best girlfriends.

Montreal is the perfect city for a girl’s (or guy’s) trip because there is something for everyone, any taste, and preferences!

With that, there is a lot of ground to cover in Montreal, but I will keep it short and sweet and share with you some of the sweet spots that Montreal has to offer!

Where To Stay:

There are two areas in the city that are lively, safe, and easily walkable to anything you want need!

  • Old Montreal: If you’re into French architecture and being in the heart of the city, you will love this location. You can walk to Norte Dame Basilica, the waterfront, and other fantastic sites. It is not the cheapest place in town, but you can find some amazing spots on AirBnB! This area is more of a tourist feel but very convenient.

  • Le Plateau: We LOVED this neighborhood. It’s local, electrifying, and funky. This area is so charming with lots of street art hidden on down side streets and on the sides of restaurants. Just where our AirBnB is located, there was an authentic ramen spot next door, a French bar across the street, a macaroon shop, ice cream, a quaint coffee shop, authentic Italian deli, a liquor store, a drug store, and a McDonalds. Ha! If you want a more authentic experience in Montreal, you have to choose this area!

 Girl's Guide Girls Trip to Montreal Canada

Where to Eat:

As mentioned earlier, Montreal has more restaurants per capita than any other city in North America! You can check out Yelp! for reviews and suggestions in your neighborhood. Here is a list of a few places that was next level on the scale of deliciousness!

  • Regine Cafe: The line was out of the door on a Friday morning! It is set up like a cute little house. The food is delicious, the mimosas perfect (no Andre), and fresh pastries and coffee are divine. I highly suggest calling and making a reservation

  • Modive: This is such a great dinner spot right in the Old Port area. Known for their lamb specialties, they have live jazz, blues, and r&b music depending on the night! After dinner, walk around Old Port for a drink or more sightseeing.

  • Faberge: Great spot for brunch! The line is out the door, so get there early! It’s typical brunch food but everything is really yummy! Faberge is in Mile High neighborhood, so after brunch, walk around the neighborhood, check out the vintage shops, and grab some ice cream!

  • Restaurant L’Avenue: PANCAKES! There’s two I suggest carrot cake (the cream cheese syrup takes it over!) and the mac and cheese pancake! I know that sounds odd, but it was surprisingly GOOD! When we arrived it was a 45-minute wait and it was so worth it. This place is themed around old theme shows and they were playing the entire Temptations Greatest Hits album!

 Girl's Guide Girls Trip to Montreal Canada Girl’s Guide Girls Trip to Montreal Canada

What To See/Do:

  • Biking: Montreal is so lovely in the spring and summer that everyone stays out and about. You can rent bikes on almost any corner of the city. There are tons of parks, murals, and places to eat, so consider renting a bike and riding around.

  • Mount Royal (views of Montreal): We never made it to the top

  • Free Walking Tour of Montreal: I mention this all ze time, look for free walking tours! All you have to do is tip the guide at the end! We missed out because it was booked solid but it’s great to get the first-hand perspective of the city!

  • Notre Dame Basilica: Exact replica from France!

  • Mile End: Another charming neighborhood. Lots of great brunch spots, funky, vintage boutiques, bagel shops (which Montreal is famous for) and lots of ice creams spots. Random, I know, but delicious!

  • The Old Port: This is just a cool little area on the waterfront. In the summer, you can catch free concerts, street festivals, food trucks, and more randomness. There is a HUGE on an island out there. The name escapes me but ask around, and someone should know what about the place. They say the Sunday brunch and day party is poppin’!

  • Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal: Museums your thing? Then you want to have a gander in here!

  • Bota Bota Spa: Taking an old boat and turning it into a spa, Bota Bota will be one of the most HEAVENLY spa experience ever! You can just opt for the Water Therapy, but add on a 60-minute massage to take the experience to the next level! This is a must do!

 Girl's Guide Girls Trip to Montreal Canada Bota Bota Girl’s Guide Girls Trip to Montreal Canada Bota Bota

Night Life:

  • Bar Crawl Montreal: This is probably one of the best things we could have done! For the price, you get to hop around to 4 bars (1 hr each). And no, they’re not a hole-in-the-wall, crappy spots. These are thee places to be on a Saturday night! One bar even had a skatepark in the middle of it!

  • Boulevard Saint-Laurent: Also known as “Le Main”, this street has all the bars, clubs, restaurants! Just get dropped off here and take your pick!

  • Rue Crescent: Mainly known for English speaking, this street is great for drinking, party, and shopping!

  • Rue Saint-Denis: This is definitely where you want to go to have a good night! Lots of cool, retro bars on this street!

A Girl's Guide to Montreal

Have you been to Montreal?

What were your favorite things to do and see in Montreal?

Journey on.

A Girl’s Guide to Montreal
A Girl's Guide Girls Trip to Montreal Canada