My Expat Life In South Africa: A Day Trip to Lesotho [VIDEO]


Have you heard of the country Lesotho?

It’s a country that’s INSIDE of South Africa.


There's not a lot going on in Lesotho. However, since it's so close to Jo'Burg, some friends and I decided to make a day trip of heading out there. #MorePassportStamps.

Although this vlog was filmed in the winter, the country is quite beautiful and scenic country.

It’s quite popular for skiing and snowboarding, but I don’t like cold like that, so we opted to just explore the capital city of Maseru.

AND it’s one of those countries that not many people frequent.

Not even South Africans and it’s right there...

inside of the country.

Literally, a ‘short’ 4hr drive from Johannesburg.

Now, the roads are quite terrible for about 1.5hrs getting closer to the boarder, nonetheless, it was a great visit!

Check out the vlog below!