I Am Not Running Away. . .


Not exactly sure where it came from, but there is this perception out there that those of us who travel often and long term are “running away” from something. That we do not want to be responsible adults, do not want a ‘conventional job,' and merely just trying to “escape problems.” There is this huge lingering opinion that says, “hey girl [or guy]! Travel because it is awesome and you should! But not tooooo much and not for tooooo long.” But why? From my perception, it seems as though people think Traveling Nomads or Travel Enthusiast are running away from our “real world problems”. Truthfully, I have way fewer problems, burdens, stress, and drama since I decided to quit my job last year and travel indefinitely.

But maybe, just maybe, those who think we are running away are right! Well. . . kinda. Rather running away, I am running toward. Towards weird festivals, new cultures, bizarre foods, new music, dance, art, new life long friends! I am not escaping life – I am LIVING it!

The typical American upbringing or ‘American Dream’ is: going to school, getting a 'proper' job, getting married, buy the house with the large backyard for BBQs, and start popping out babies. Rinse then repeat.

I did it that way. And it was cool…. Then I decided to try it my way! The awesome thing about this generation is the Internet Age! As long as you have access to the ‘net, there is no limit to what you can do to generate an income and do whatever the hell you want (study your craft, travel, lay back and kick it , etc. )! Once you can figure out how (Pro Tip: Googe search: ‘how to start an internet business, then the world is your’s baybee!

I am not out here trying to break the mold or be a rebel.

I am not running away from my problems or fears (conquered most of those through my travels! Ye!).

And I am certainly not trying to convince you to leave your job and never come back during your lunch break!

I just figure . . . Life is short as hell! You only live once… and if we do, we don’t’ remember it anyway!

Do whatcha wanna.

Journey on,