TSA Pre Check vs Global Entry Program


For those of us who are more "seasoned" travelers considering the following Flight Programs is a really good idea! I cannot tell you how many times I was late catching a flight, and the grace of TSA Pre-Check,  I was able to zip through Security and run to my gate in time!

If you’re finally jumping into the traveling groove, you have probably heard of some travel programs or seen signs in the airport pointing down a unique path for frequent travelers and work travelers. So let’s talk about the two most popular programs that make airports just a little more bearable. The TSA Pre-Check program and Global Entry program are just a few ways to cut your time in customs or security check. What does this mean?



TSA Pre-Check

With TSA Pre-Check, you are granted expedited screening through the security check. You get to bypass the long lines, leave your shoes on, leave your computer in your bag, and walk right through. For frequent travelers, this makes the hassle of airports a little more bearable. It’s worth it. TSA Pre-Check availability is currently at selected airports, but they are working on expanding it across the U.S. Check the site below to see what eligible airlines have TSA Pre-Check as well. With United, Delta and American airline tickets, you’ll see the “TSA Pre-Check” identified on your boarding pass.


TSA PreCheck - RachelTravels.com

Global Entry Program

Global Entry is one of the programs that is offered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) organization. This is great for frequent international travelers coming in and out of the U.S. No more struggling to stay up in those long lines in customs after an 8-hour flight. You go through a quick 5-minute interview during your application process. Your information is stored electronically after applying and recognized when you scan your passport at the available kiosks. After you land in the U.S., walk through the Global Entry line, swipe your passport, and have your customs documentation printed for you! Walk straight up to passport control and give them a few fingerprints. You’re done! Remember with Global Entry; you also get TSA Pre-Check for domestic flights.




Next Steps?


1. Apply through the online application. [https://universalenroll.dhs.gov]

2. Make an appointment at a TSA Pre-Check application center. They have about 280 centers worldwide.

3. Visit the application center, pay the $85 fee, show proof of identification and hand out a few fingerprints.

4. You will be assigned a “Known Traveler Number” via U.S. mail or retrieve it online. Make sure to include this number in the “Known Traveler” field when booking your ticket. The membership is good for five years.



1. Register for a CBP Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) account. [https://goes-app.cbp.dhs.gov]

2. Finish the online application for one of the CBP eligible Trusted Traveler programs (in this case Global Entry).

3. Make an appointment for an interview (via online application) at a CBP Enrollment Center.

4. Visit the CBP Enrollment Center, to complete your enrollment and pay a $100 fee. This will last you five years.

I have Global Entry. Which do you have or will be applying for?

Until next time!




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