Free Media Kit Template

Grab Your Free Media Kit Template Below! 

When you want to start getting paid to travel, one of the first things brands and organizations will ask for is a Media Kit. Any and all influencers in any industry are equipped with a Media Kit (also called a Press Kit).

Think of it as a resume if you will.

Whether a new or aspiring travel  [insert:blogger, vlogger, podcaster, etc.] you must be able to prove your authority, validity, mission, objective, and the power of your brand.

A Media Kit is the quickest, easiest, way to do this. 

This free download is the exact media kit template

I used for over two years that landed me some of my first sponsorships like; hotel stays, luggage, press trips, and being featured in major publications.

This is a beautiful yet simple Media Kit template that you can customize with your brand colors, font, and logo that will help catapult your brand forward.

Grab Your Free Media Kit Template Below!