Five Amazing Protective Styles for Traveling Black Women!


Sorry fellas, this here is for the ladies. Y'all know how we are about our hair! Whether you are #TeamNatural or still use the creamy stuff, figuring out the best ways to protect our hair while traveling can be a real challenge. This post will cover five amazing protective styles for traveling black women because the struggle can get real, real quick!

If you are more of an adventurous traveler; scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, rock climbing (to name a few), you may want to consider a style that has very low manipulation. If being a beach babe mermaid is your thing, then you may want a style which allows you to quickly rinse saltwater and chlorine from your mane, but still pull it together for a night out on the town!

I have compiled five fabulous protective styles for traveling Black women! Most of these styles are tried and tried by yours truly!

Check out some of the featured traveling Beauties and their styles below:

Box Braids

There is nothing like a nice set of box braids to get you through a trip. Whether you get waist length, in a bob, "dookie" or thin, box braids are one of the best protective styles to have while traveling.  This style is super easy to manage and works great with most physical activities! Box braids can be a little heavy if you are doing a lot of swimming, but ultimately a great choice. Be careful not to pull your edges too tight!


Box Braids Protective Style Traveling

Locs/Faux Locs/ Loc Extensions

I rocked faux loss for a solid two months while backpacking in South East Asia! Not only was it a great conversation topic, but super easy and versatile to style. They are not nearly as heavy as the box braids, looks natural (if done right) and easy to cleanse out yuckiness like chlorine!

Faux Locs Protective Style Traveling


faux loc extensions Protective Style Traveling



If done correctly, sew-ins are magic! I have not had enough hair to have a sew-in for some time now, but this is one of the most versatile styles out there! There are tons of hair types, textures, lengths, and colors to choose from! If you go with this option while traveling, make sure you choose a hair type/texture that does not get tangle easily!

Sew-In Protective hairstyle


Wigs  Protective hairstyle traveling


Crochet Braids

This is a new fav of mine! It is SUPER easy to install, and easier to maintain! Throw a bonnet on at night and you are great to go! If you are using the Marley braiding hair, I do NOT recommend this if you plan on swimming or engaging in any water activities, as I imagine the hair will tangle immensely!

crochet braids protective style traveling


 Twists/Braids on Natural Hair:

If extensions are not your "thing," consider an easy and classic style like a "halo crown" or goddess braid to protect your hair while traveling! It's easy, low maintenance, and super protective!

natural goddess braid protective style traveling


Five Amazing Protective Styles for Traveling Black Women!

Above all else, make sure you are keeping your hair and skin HYDRATED and protected while traveling!

Until then - journey on!