BEST 10 Apps For the Traveler in You!


I LOVE my smartphone. Not only do you have the world at your fingertips, smartphones are amazing in aiding in reducing your anxiety and concerns as it comes to traveling. There are certain apps that can simply make life a lot easier and safer while traveling. Check out some of my favorites apps below!

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is absolutely one of my favorite and most used apps! The ease of use of this app allows you to select driving, public transportation, and walking directions. An amazing feature is the ability to store maps to use offline! Simply by searching a location in Maps, pressing the cache button, then typing “ok maps”, will store the location. This is especially useful if you are without service or wi-fi connection!


2. First Aid by American Red Cross

Admittedly,“medical” anything is not my specialty. However, this app is an essential tool containing everything there is to know about first aid care. Offering step-by-step guidance, it covers topics like heat strokes, asthma attacks, bites/stings, and burns! If you do not have wi-fi, no worries! All of the preloaded instructions are available offline.


3. TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

The City Guides function on the TripAdvisor app allows you to search major cities and download city guides to use offline. Giving recommendations on places to eat, accommodations, and site seeing, this is simply great! Even without wi-fi and Internet connection, you will be able to access reviews, city maps, photos, and other features.


4. Vert

Another personal favorite, Vert allows you to convert everything from weights, temperature, shoe sizes, measurements, and even currencies (including Bitcoins!).  The currency feature updates the exchange rates everyday that you’re connected and the app works offline. It is a handy dandy converter of all things in one! (Only available on iPhone)


5. Google Translate

Such a great app when it comes to translating full sentences. The voice command allows you to speak a question into the app and convert. With over 60 languages in the database, this app is great when traveling to a place with a large language barrier.


6. SkyScanner

SkyScanner is one of the search engines I use to find and compare flights! This travel search engine is not affiliated with airlines, therefore all of their prices are fair and unbiased. As an added bonus, Skyscanner pulls from smaller airlines that may not show up on other search engines. The app is great for comparing and booking flights on the go!


7. Whats App

WhatsApp has been a lifesaver in many instances. This free app allows you to talk to anyone in the world who also has the same app! No more worrying about ridiculous text message and data chargers! This is the primary app I use to communicate with my family and friends while I am traveling internationally.

  1. PostaGram

I rarely buy souvenirs when I travel, so I love sending postcards instead! With Postagram you can easily send friends and family personalized photos and messages right from you smartphone, which they will receive as an actual postcard! It is only $.99, which includes postage.

Postagram Postcards

Postagram Postcards


If you are like me, you want to keep track of the countries and states you have traveled to! Been allows you to track places where you have traveled and share it amongst friends and family through social media!



What are some of your favorite apps that you use when traveling?