How to Pack a Hiking Backpack Like a GIRL!


As I prepare for a two month backpacking trip to SE Asia, I found it hard to thoroughly pack light while still having my necessities. With my 55L hiking backpack that was filled to the brim and heavy as hell, I quickly needed to start all over.

Reevaluating it all, I realized the habit of packing an outfit for every occasion is embedded in our culture and not only is it nonsense, but would take a toll on me physically rather quickly with all that stuff.

As for other things I may need, the intention is to use what I have or worst case, buy it out there!

On the featured quick video, I'll show you how to pack a hiking backpack like a GIRL, having all the necessities we need but still pack light for extended travel!

What is in my pack:


  • 2 pairs of shorts

  • 1 pair of long jogging/workout pants

  • 1 knee length, cotton skirt

  • 4 short sleeve or sleeveless tops

  • 1 sarong: can be used a million ways including a head-wrap, towel, blanket, sheet, etc.

  • 1 light jacket

  • 1 pair of PJs: while I could have substituted a T-shirt & shorts, I really like comfy PJs

  • 1 bathing suit

  • 7 pair of undies

  • 2 bras

  • 4 pair of socks

  • Pair of comfortable sandals

  • Pair of hiking/terrain boots



  • Enough pads & tampons for two months! The most important need for women!

  • Feminine Clothes/wipes (many places around the world do not use toilet paper!)

  • A black pouch containing:

  • A plastic container used as a medicine box (container helps keep medicines cool and from spilling/leaking)

    • Sunscreen

    • Bug Repellent

    • stomach medicines

    • pain relievers

    • antihistamines

    • heartburn meds

    • ear plugs

    • Airborne

Compartments in my pack will store:


** I did not pack any makeup EXCEPT my favorite lipsticks!