5 Reasons Why You’re Having a Hard Time Planning a Trip


Trip planning can be pretty overwhelming. Take it from me, I have planned a plenty!

There are a few reasons why you are having a hard time planning a trip. Five that I can think of are:



  • You don’t know where to start.

This is probably the toughest part about planning for your next trip whether domestic or international. Do you start with a hotel/hostel/AirBnB? What is the best place in the city to stay? What do I want to see? How do I get around? All of those questions can be daunting and overwhelming!

  • You do not think there is enough time to see and do all the things you want.

This is extra corny and cliche but, “failure to plan, is a plan to fail.”! You have dreamt of visiting this place for the longest, saved your money, and you just don’t think you will be able to see everything you want to see?! That’s OUT.

  • You don’t know all the ‘rules’ to various policies.

What’s the cancelation policies for the hotel? Should I make dinner reservations so far in advance? Should I schedule tours through my hotel or on my own?

  • You are trying to please too many people!

You’re trying to please EVERYBODY that is going on the trip. One person wants to do this, another wants to do that. If you’re planning, you honestly cannot please everyone. One way I like to mitigate this, is to have whoever is going on the trip submit 3 things they want to do, see, and experience. Choose one of those so everyone can be happy. Or, put some time in the itinerary for “free time” to do what you want!

  • You do not know how to stay organized.

I have just the solution for you! You can download this spreadsheet I created here. Super organized and detailed for all your trip planning needs and reminders.

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