The Beginners Guide to Atlanta

The Beginners Guide to Atlanta

I am completely in LOVE with Atlanta.

Here’s why.

Late last year, I had the incredible opportunity to be invited to the #SitSUM Travel Influencers conference where I got a chance to deep dive into the treasure of The Peach City.

Atlanta has a ton to offer for any palate including the: sports enthusiast, foodies, Tech entrepreneurs, art snob, and those of you who just like to “chill.”

This beginners guide to Atlanta isn’t just for newbies, but to rediscover elements of the city!

The Beginners Guide to Atlanta

This Beginners Guide to Atlanta is for the resident or the visitor alike that’s looking to discover hidden gems in the city!


The AC Hotel is the new player in town. Located in the Buckhead neighborhood, it is perfectly nestled in the Phipps Plaza, Lenox Mall, and a shopping center across the street.

What I love most about this hotel, is the super chic, European details! Going for a more minimalist feel, they stripped the rooms of all the unnecessary things to give you a minimalist yet super functional and spacious feel to the rooms.

The windows around the hotel change from bright to tinted depending on the weather.

This place reminds me of meeting a super handsome, tall, man with a sexy accent that smells exquisite.

You just want to lay up under him.

That’s how good the AC Marriott Buckhead makes ya feel!

Not to mention, the customer service is impeccable! Highly recommend this property.

Highly recommend this property.

I Used Booking.Com To Book A Room Here

Hotel Indigo Downtown

is another fantastic property in Atlanta. Located in downtown Atlanta, this is a traditional, super sexy, hotel. If being in the hustle and bustle of downtown Atlanta is your sauce, then this is the perfect place. You’re in the heart in the city, so it’s an easy MARTA (directly across the street) or Uber ride to most places in the city.

Y’all know I LOVE AirBnB (free credit here!).

You can have so many various housing experiences ranging from downtown lofts to tiny houses!

Cool Things to Get Into:

So yea.. of course you can get into those typical things to do like visit:

however, the suggestions below will give you a new appreciation for Atlanta!

ATL Cruzers: Man, this was so much freakin’ fun! We had an opportunity to take these super cute, electric bikes and rode through the Buckhead neighborhood. If Buckhead is a bit too “bougie” for you, they offer other unique tours including Eastside ATL and Midtown ATL. There is so much to see and learn about Atlanta, and cruising through the city on an eBike is an excellent way to do that!

You can get more information here>>

Atlanta History Center: Okay, I’m sure you’re thinking *snore*, but this was a cool experience! Besides the grounds being beautiful, there are two reasons you should visit the Atlanta History Center.

1) Learn the history of Atlanta. Duh. No, but in all seriousness, this center is stunningly beautiful and breathtaking. Depending on when you go, you have people in ‘character’ who act like the owners, the Help, visitors, etc. It was quite an interesting experience having a full conversation with an indentured servant.

2) The Hunger Games: If you’re a closet stan like me, then you’d love the Hunger Games Tour! The Swan House was shot as President Snow’s home in the film!

Atlanta Movie Tours: Speaking of movies, Atlanta has taken off as a city for filming! Recently I learned that Hidden Figures was shot here! Not to mention “Being Mary Jane,” “The Walking Dead,” “Stranger Things,” just to name a few. If you’re a movie lover, then you would love Atlanta Movie Tours!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ponce City Market: I practically live here! Have a drink on the rooftop at Sky Link Park, grab a meal at any of the fantastic restaurants, or do a bit of shopping!

  • Center for Civil and Human Rights: Atlanta is the hub for Civil and Human rights. This amazing museum does a fantastic job showcasing the how Atlanta has taken part in the core of human history.

For The Foodie In You:

I’m a self-professed Foodie.

I love food and wish I could eat infinite amounts of it without ruining my figure.

But I can’t – so I just stick to checking out amazing places around the city to the weekends.

Below are some of my absolute faves in the Atlanta.

I’ll start from “hood” to “classy” establishments! Ha!

A-Town Wings: I don’t care.  I don’t care.  I don’t care. This place is lowest ranked in the quality of food, but seriously A-Town Wings has the best hot wings in the entire city. Many ATL residents will debate me on this, but trust – I am right. There are several locations around the city. A simple Google search should find a location nearest you in Atlanta.

This Is It: I eat here every other week. At the very minimum.

There are so many scared across the city; it will be easy for you to find one.

You’re in the Dirty Souf now, and if you want a quick, authentic, plate of soul food this is where you should head! I love the veggie plate, but ain’t sh** about it healthy!

Still, you’ll love it – promise.

Sweet Auburn BBQ:  This is a personal fave. Brunch is a huge thing in Atlanta (and truth for most metro cities). This establishment has the BEST Sunday brunch on this side of the Mississippi. For $20, you can get a buffet of bbq meats, salads, fresh biscuits, waffles, on and on. They have some of the best mac-n-cheese I’ve ever had.. and confession: I don’t like mac-n-cheese!

Tack on an additional $10 and you can have bottom mimosas! Make sure to come right at Noon, because the law says no alcohol served until after 12:30p on Sundays (not my rules shawty).

AG: If you’re feeling extra swanky, check out AG which is a 4-star restaurant on top of the Ritz Hotel Atlanta. The ambiance is dim lighting and smoking interiors; absolutely perfect for a date night! If the weather permits, go out on the rooftop and have one of the special cocktails!

Honorable Mention:

  • Joystick Gamebar: This is probably a bar that my friends and I frequent! Located on Auburn Ave, they have a best (and cheapest) drinks, and there are a plethora of 90s arcade games in here including Mortal Combat, Pac-Man, board games, and a foosball table!

  • Bar Taco: There are tons of locations around the city (my favorite is sitting outside at the Inman Park location). If you are into fresh, different tacos, this is your place. The fried oyster, duck, and seared tuna are among the faves! And their cocktails – amazing. Oh! And if you like key lime pie, BarTaco NAILS it, not to mention it comes in a mason jar you can take home! #Winning

What are some of your favorite places to go, do, or experience in Atlanta?

The Beginners Guide to Atlanta

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