The importance of digital marketing is undeniable in today’s current climate. And while “digital”, “marketing”, and “online business” may sound complicated – it’s not. There are 5 digital marketing elements you need in your biz now, and I’m going share with you what they are.

And to be clear, marketing your business goes far beyond putting a post on Facebook here and there. According to the “We Are Social” report for 2020, 3.8 billion people in the world use social media, and 5.1 billion are mobile users.

5 digital marketing elements you need in your business -

The average user spent 100 days online, equate to 6 hours and 43 minutes per day. Three out of 4 internet users (74%) have purchased online. In the US, 69% of the total population uses social media, and 80% of total users searched for a product or service to buy.

People on the internet are exposed to a massive quantity of information, so your business needs to shine with the right Digital Marketing strategy. Here there are 5 Digital Marketing Elements you need in your biz to really make the most out of it.

5 Digital Marketing Elements You Need In Your Biz NOW


SEO means, “search engine optimization” and means that your website and blog are optimized for search engines. Google is the most widely used, but a lot depends on the market (China, for example, use more Baidu). 

If your name and articles will pop up for the right keywords and will correctly answer what your client is looking for, you’ll open a lot more opportunities and increase your website’s visibility. You’ll need strategic work on keywords, link building, link sharing and authority, and site architecture. The better the SEO, the higher your position with Google Ads, which is SEM.

Social Media

Two hundred and thirty million people in the US use Social Media. There are 3.8B in the world that are using social media. So, literally your target audience is on social media somewhere. Social Media can help you will increase your branding reputation, your business presence and enhance the dialogue with your clients.

Facebook users are likely to be older than Snapchat and Instagram users, and each platform uses a different tone of voice and offers various ways to engage and sell to your clients.

Choose wisely, it’s useless to be everywhere and you’ll likely not doing it well.

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In our current climate, most people are likely to use the Internet to purchase. Even more, they are using their mobile devices to do search, purchase, and engage. Although it depends a lot on your business and your buyer’s journey, you need to keep mobile optimization of your digital channels as one of the most critical elements of Digital Marketing for your biz. 

Content Marketing

People are ALWAYS on the Internet.

We are fed so much information all day every day online.

If you’re not creating valuable, consistent content in your biz, there is a HUGE chance that your business won’t be growing, if there’s no content marketing strategy.

Ask yourself: What is relevant? Which questions your clients asks themselves and where they seek answers?

Storytelling is an excellent tool in your hand, both visual and written.

Give your clients fresh content to increase leads, engagement and eventually, conversions.

Don’t forget the format: videos, for example, are proved to be more engaging.

E-mail Marketing

It’s estimated that 1-3% of website visitors will complete a purchase the first time they’ll come to your website, while 65% of consumers are prone to make a purchase aligned with a well-conceived e-mail marketing campaign.

Don’t forget segmentation that can increase by 10% the conversions. Automation and personalization play a massive role since 81% of people that will receive an e-mail personalized based on a past purchase will buy again. Keep in mind a responsive, mobile-first design and copy.

In the digital world, you should speak to your clients and stimulate a reply to get a conversion. To do so, you should study what is best in terms of tone of voice, visual strategy, and platforms. You have to test your audience’s behavior and elaborate on an approach based on data and analysis.

This combination of different Digital Marketing Elements will make a difference for your business.


5 digital marketing elements you need in your business -
5 digital marketing elements you need in your business -